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Jacki McLenaghan
Jacki McLenaghan
Founder Of Pure Potentials

About the instructor

Jacki McLenaghan, founder of Pure Potentials, has been providing education and opportunities for business owners, and speakers to become leaders in their industries, for over 20 years.

Jacki has been a theater producer and performer.  She has extensively studied both marketing and technology…AND she is the author of the fun and cheeky marketing book  "From Here To Clear."

Some actives that Jacki personally enjoys are yoga, travel and making AWESOME marketing videos.

Her vast knowledge base has created an enormous amount of invaluable and transferable skills that she loves sharing with her clients.

It is her personal mission to shine the spotlight on transformational leaders and get their message out there IN A BIG WAY!

Jacki has created several Programs; Events and International Public Speakers Clubs to execute this mission and to help YOU step into that spotlight, leave a legacy and be the LEADER you are meant to be!

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